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Sarees by Marisha

Maharaja bauble

Bringing mini fashionistas to life! 

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At Sarees by Marisha I pride myself with customer satisfaction. As soon as you receive your item if you don't feel the love I have put into the product to create something beautiful, it wasn't what you expected, or for any reason at all. You have 28 days for a full money back refund on the product no questions asked!

Well, I might ask a few to see how I can help you or make the experience better as I am a small business at the end of the day and I pride myself in customer satisfaction, but I will NEVER hassle you about a refund and getting your money back. As all I want to do Is improve to continue my journey. 

**Please note ALL bespoke items are non-returnable as they are made specifically for your order**

To date I've never had a single return or disstaified customer. Which is a no brainer to offer a FREE return!

So happy shopping!


Gorgeously handcrafted festive decorations to adorn your home, formed of up cycled fabric offcuts.

An exquisite combination of blues, blacks, and greys.

Each is an individual mix, with diameters of 8cm and 10cm, priced at £60.00 for 8cm.

Enhance the atmosphere of your home this holiday season, or gift to your dear ones. In still some Christmas cheer with this unique handmade bauble, composed of up cycled saree offcuts.

Each bauble includes a metal hook for easy installation onto the tree, as well as a polystyrene centre for security against drops!