Sarees By Marisha is the accessible home of unique Indian fashion design and individual pieces crafted to suit your style and personality. Though the business grew out of my lifelong love of elaborate sarees, we create traditional Indian and contemporary Indo-Western fashion and clothing for children. Our expert Indian tailor also caters for the growing mini-me coordinating outfits trend, making matching mother and daughter, father and son and sibling outfits.

Our garments take a wide variety of Indian cultural influences, including Muslim, Sri Lankan, Rajasthani, Pakistani, Jain, Bengali, Telugu, Punjabi, Gujarati and Malayan, to name just a few.

Whether your dream dress is inspired by a Bollywood blockbuster or a treasured family heirloom, we will bring your Indian-inspired fashion desires to life with our exquisite ready-to-wear and bespoke collections.

About Marisha

Fashion and design are part of my DNA, and the origins of my passion can be traced back to an early textiles project at a comprehensive school in Birmingham. I crafted a dress that caught the attention of my tutors and, from there, pursued my design dreams by studying fashion and fashion design at university. I had aspirations of becoming a buyer but accidentally ended up in events.

It wasn't until my nieces were born some years later that I revisited my life's true calling. My nieces were desperate to have their mini-me versions of their mother's beautiful sarees, and I noticed very little available. I got creative and fashioned a little girl's saree for one of my nieces. I posted it on social media and was overwhelmed by the reaction. It was at that moment that Sarees by Marisha was born.

My creations showcase Indian culture and heritage across accessible, easy-to-wear collections and made-to-measure, one-of-a-kind outfits. What I offer is pretty unique in the children's ethnic clothing market. I take my design know-how and passion for fashion and help families to create their dream cultural outfits for any occasion.

I'm on a mission to inject a sense of contemporary style into traditional Indian clothing, preserving, and celebrating many of the techniques used by our mothers and grandmothers before us. I'm also passionate about home decor and put my fabric remnants to good use by creating luxury decorative baubles for all-year round. This also fulfils my dream: promoting a circular economy and protecting our planet.

Paying homage to a rich culture full of customs, a kaleidoscope of colour and exquisite fabrics is a true privilege, and I'm lucky to call it my job.

I look forward to creating your next dream outfit or a magical bauble for your home.

Marisha x