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Sarees by Marisha

Jaya Green

Bringing mini fashionistas to life! 

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Our product love guarantee

At Sarees by Marisha I pride myself with customer satisfaction. As soon as you receive your item if you don't feel the love I have put into the product to create something beautiful, it wasn't what you expected, or for any reason at all. You have 28 days for a full money back refund on the product no questions asked!

Well, I might ask a few to see how I can help you or make the experience better as I am a small business at the end of the day and I pride myself in customer satisfaction, but I will NEVER hassle you about a refund and getting your money back. As all I want to do Is improve to continue my journey. 

**Please note ALL bespoke items are non-returnable as they are made specifically for your order**

To date I've never had a single return or disstaified customer. Which is a no brainer to offer a FREE return!

So happy shopping!

Effortless Style, Instant Elegance!

Get your child party-ready in no time with our one-minute, ready-made, easy-to-drape girl's saree. Designed for convenience without compromising on style, this pre-stitched saree features a centre pleat for minimum fuss and maximum flair, promoting independent dressing for your little one.

Key Features:

  • Pre-Stitched Design: No need to worry about pleating or draping – the centre pleat is already formed, making it easy and quick to put on.
  • Stunning Design: Crafted from flowing bright apple green net fabric adorned with a stunning gold brocade trim along the edging, this saree exudes elegance and charm.
  • Delicate Embellishments: Intricate thread work with gorgeous pearl beading adds a touch of sophistication and glamour to the ensemble.
  • Simple and Comfortable: Sarees are known for their simplicity and comfort, and with just four easy steps, your child will be party-ready in no time.

Four Easy Steps to Dressing:

  1. Put on Blouse: Start by putting on the blouse provided or pair it with any blouse you already have.
  2. Put on Skirt: Slip into the skirt effortlessly.
  3. Tuck in Pleats: Tuck in the pleats as desired and secure them with pins for added security.
  4. Drape Comfortably: Finally, drape the saree in a way that feels comfortable and stylish.


  • Waist: 34" (Elastic adjustment allows for a smaller fit)
  • Length: 38"

Customization Options:

  • Other Sizes Available: We offer other sizes, and the design on the border may vary. For inquiries or custom orders, please email

Complete the Look:

Pair this ready-to-wear saree with any blouse you may have or explore our collection of stylish ready-made blouses for the perfect ensemble.

Order Your Ready-to-Wear Saree Today!

Simplify your child's party preparations with our convenient and stylish pre-stitched saree. Click "Add to Cart" now and let your little one shine in this effortless and elegant attire.