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Sarees by Marisha

Jaya Green

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Have your child party-ready in this one-minute, ready-made, easy-to-drape girl's saree. The centre pleat is already formed for minimum fuss and maximum style, promoting independent dressing for your little one.

  • A traditional style pre-stitched girl's designer saree
  • The centre pleat means it's easy and quick to put on
  • Flowing bright apple green net children's saree with stunning gold brocade trim to edging
  • Delicate thread work with gorgeous pearl beading

Ready made easy to drape saree. Sarees are so simple and comfortable to wear and you are ready in 4 easy steps.

Step 1 : Put on blouse

Step 2 : Put on skirt

Step 3 : Tuck in pleats (pin for security)

Step 4 : Drape how you feel comfortable.


Waist : 34" (Elastic adjustment to make smaller)

Length: 38"

Pair this with any blouse you may have or take a look our stylish ready made blouses

Other sizes available, design on boarder varies. Email for enquiries