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Hello and welcome to Saree's by Marisha! My name is Marisha and I am the owner and founder of Saree's by Marisha. With my passion for fashion, I have created a brand that encompasses the beauty of traditional Hindu culture in women and children’s sarees. My brand’s mission is to make all women feel beautiful, empowered, and culturally connected.

A Bit About Marisha

I grew up in Birmingham, where my creative passion first began to grow. As a kid I always had a hard time when it came to homework and studying. It was all much too tedious and I really had a zest for more creative ventures. This was when my love for fashion first began to flourish.

I then went to Demontfort University and studied contour fashion and fashion design. After graduation, I applied for a number of fashion jobs, however, it was difficult to find a job that didn’t require previous experience, so I ended up working in events and brand promotions which I have been doing for about ten years now.

While I do love my job, I have always felt that I haven’t accomplished what I set out to do. I wanted a creative job that I was in love with, something that brought me genuine joy! About five years ago, I took a trip to India for a few weeks to learn how to make saree blouses. While I was there, my heart was so warmed by all of the colors and the stunning embroidery in all of India’s street clothing shops.

I then designed sarees for myself for some time. However, when my nieces came along, the fiery passion within me burned even brighter! I wanted to create something that could teach little girls to embrace their culture and feel beautiful in their own skin. When I started making sarees for my nieces, I could see on their faces just how inspired by their own beauty they were. I knew at that moment that this is what I wanted to accomplish. This is what Marisha Mistry is all about.

My brand stands to inspire women and young girls to embrace their beauty, feminine power, and culture through the artistic language of sarees.

Stay tuned for more fashion blogs to come!



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